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At Safe UK Properties Limited, we are equipped as well as well trained to handle all of your domestic heating needs at all the time. You can never underestimate the efficiency of a well-regulated temperature in a home. It offers a certain level of comfort that any home should consider it is a place that is supposed that you probably spend most of your time in. Therefore it is important that you have the best domestic heating system. We are more than capable of offering you the best services at the best prices.
Basically, Safe UK Properties Limited team is excellent in designing of domestic heating systems. Remember there are quite a number of domestic heating system designs. By inspecting your property and getting a deeper understanding of what will work best for you, then we will be able to design the best heating system for your home. Whether boilers or heat pumps, gas-fired space heaters or electric space heaters, we will be able to advise you accordingly and agree on what is the best course to take for all your home needs. As you put us in charge, our work will be to ensure that we deliver perfection even as we work with you towards a common goal.
After the designing process, we will also be able to install the central heating system for your home. We have a vast training in central heating installation and we are very confident of our works. As the perfectly installed heating system will ensure that there is safety in your home. Remember, it is done wrong at any given stage; there can be some very adverse effects that will be for you and your family. We are looking at a potential fire in a worst-case scenario. Even so, we are excellently trained and equipped to deal with the installation process that will result in a flawless end result.
We do not leave any room for errors while working on your property and just like we delivered excellence to all of our clients, we will also deliver the same to you. We are confident of our skills and capabilities. As your leading company in design and installation of domestic heating systems, we will take care of all the necessary requirements and processes and deliver to you a perfectly completed work. All you have to do is sit back and watch as the experts get to work.

We can help you to:
– Design and Install Domestic Heating Systems
– Boiler Replacement issued with Building Regulations
– Central Heating Service & Repairs
– Boiler Breakdown Covers from £13.50 per calendar month that
includes unlimited repair visits and Landlords Safety
– Landlord Gas Safety Certificates
– Work Contract
– Power Flushing
– Under Floor Heating
– Renewable Energy including Heat Pumps
– Unvented Hot Water Cylinder
– Plumbing
– Electric
– Plastering
– professional tiling
– Bathroom Fitter
– Skimming and Painting Walls


At Safe UK Properties limited, we are more concerned about your experiences with your boiler and it is our job to ensure that you always enjoy being in your home and all the comfort that you can get. Basically, we enjoy when we know all our customers are getting the best from their boilers each and every time and we are always available to offer our services to you. Even so, due to one reason or another, you may need a boiler replacement and at Safe UK Properties Limited, we are here for your boiler needs. Here are some of the signs to look out for to know whether you need to replace your boiler or not.


Basically, it is vital that you have your boiler undergo maintenance once in a while, this way they can be optimized. Even so, this can get it working perfectly for up to 15 years or a little longer with cast iron boilers lasting longer than others. Even so, if your boiler has lasted longer than 15yeras or your cast iron boiler has lasted up to 50years, it is high time for a replacement.


If you are experiencing a little problem getting some parts of your home heated up or cooled down to the temperatures that you would like, this can only mean that your boiler is defective. The inability to control the boiler can deprive you of the comfort that so needs in your home. It is, therefore, wiser that you look into replacing it.


Are you paying more to your energy company than usual? Do you constantly need to have your boiler maintained constantly so that it can be effective? Then this practice suggests that it is time to get a replacement because the one you have may just be worn out or so.


In the event that you find yourself in a position where your gas burns with yellow flames or that there is the production of soot then this means that your that there is no proper burning of fuel which leads to the production of carbon monoxide which is very harmful to your health. At this time, a replacement can come in handy.
Contact us at Safe UK Properties Limited for a boiler replacement. We are your leading company for boiler replacement needs.


At Safe UK Properties Limited, we have been certified and approved to be a qualified company when it comes to your home gas needs as well as heating needs in general. As a Gas Safe registered company and with more than 15 years of experience, we understand everything that pertains to natural gas as well as gas supply.
We have understood the importance of safety when dealing with natural gas and especially for domestic use. Our professional team has mastered all that is associated with gas and gas supply and has therefore grown to be the most effective, efficient as well as safest company when dealing with gas and gas supply.
In the event that you are a building owner and you are a landlord, it is required of you by Gas Safety regulations to ensure that all the gas appliances, the associated fittings and also fuel supplied to the tenants are safe and secured. In case there are any needs for maintenance and repair, it is also your responsibility to ensure they are done with immediate effect so that you can avoid any hazardous occurrences.
Basically, you are required to ensure that a gas safety check has been done to the property within a period of one year ever since you had new appliances installed or had fuel supplied and this is only done by a trusted and Gas Safety registered engineer so that you can be confident of the results.
Our company has been able to help a lot of landlords with this for so many years. We are capable and well equipped as well known when it comes to carrying out Gas Safety checks. As proof that gas check has been done for your property, we issue certificates as the evidence and this certificate is required to be given to the tenants of the building.
As a Gas Safety Registered company, we also do installations and our able team including our plumbers offer the best services all the time in Manchester. We can never risk any one’s life by providing mediocre works because lives are at stakes when the subject matter is gas. One wrong move can have adverse effects on a property as well as the lives of the people.
We are trained for excellence and we do not provide anything that is short of this. Contact us today for that Gas Safety check and get that landlord Gas Safety certificate that you need. We are the best.

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